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We are Consultant to farmers in fruit crops and Vegetable farming. Contact us for the following farm projects:

  • Soil test analysis for farm.
  • Supplier of seeds/seedlings to farmers.

We can help you to set up the following farm projects.

Tomatoes Farming : Solanum lycopersicum is the botanical name for Tomatoes. There are different varieties of Tomatoes. e.g Roma tomatoes, Sungold, money maker

Type of Tomatoes: Cherry, Better boy,Roma Tomatoes, Mortgage lifter, Gardeners delight, Big rainbow, Santorin Tomatoes etc

Carica papaya ( Pawpaw)

The botanical name for Pawpaw is Carica Papaya. It is a giant herbacuesos plant. It belong to the family of Caricaceae. It is a tropical fruit originated from Central America. It is cultivated by seeds.

Type of Pawpaw: Sunrise Sola Pawpaw,Homestead Pawpaw, Honey dew Pawpaw

Coconut Seedling

Oil Palm Seedling

Sour sop ( Annona Muricata)

Sour sop is the fruit of Annona Muricata, a broad leaf. It is also known as Guanabano Graviola. It has been scientifically proved to be very useful tree or fruit.
Health Benefit: (1) Suppress Cancer (2) Eye Health etc.

Sweet Orange ( Citrus Sinensis)

The Orange is the fruit of the Citrus species. It belongs to the family of Rutacege.
Contact us for grafted dwarf species, This start fruiting in three years.
Order today for your Plantation orange farming. We also supply Tangelo etc